To all the authors, workers, & those at home, be safe. Xoxo, Cheska Miranda

About Me


Who is Cheska Miranda?

I'm 22 a year old woman from New York. I'm a sister, a daughter, a girlfriend, a bestfriend, a student, and so much more. I started writing when I was 14 after my first heartbreak. I was exposed to Tumblr and the poems that were written really inspired me to find myself and find my hobbies. After high school in 2016, I started making my own website titled "Apocalypse Visions" and wrote about music, my experiences, and gave out advice to those who needed it. I started writing poetry again and compiling all of my work into a book. After starting my journey to get my Bachelor's degree, I became a bit busy and was not able to work on the things I loved to do. Now, I'm back! I'm older and more mature, but still want to release my old works. The feelings I had at the time were real and extreme. I needed to bleed on paper to make sure that my heart healed. I hope that by sharing my life and work with all of you will help you heal and empower yourselves as well. 


About My Poems

I really want to help express and reveal people’s emotions through what I write. A lot of the times when I write, I ask God to do it for me. I had a dream that he gave me a book and a pen once and told me to use it, and I have ever since. I write my poetry out and then I type it on a computer. All of the poems, prose, anything I write really, stem from my own experiences. They’ve come from stories I’ve heard, things I’ve witnessed, and my own feelings/ events. Sometimes I put myself in the shoes of another person. Writing heals me, and I just hope that one day it will help heal another person too.